What makes NFTRH different is its writer’s innate ability to avoid marrying a particular theme or dogmatic belief. Sure, we all have our beliefs and biases, but the financial markets are subject to far too many twists and turns to simply ‘set it and forget it’.

A functional plan for reading the interim turns is important for all but the longest-term investors and is vital for traders. In short, you can have all the tools within technical and macro-fundamental analysis but if it is all subject to predetermined bias, those tools can be worse than useless; they can be dangerous.

Financial markets are subject to ill-timed herding behavior at important junctures, which makes an ability to think outside the box (or down in the rabbit hole) a must for successful market management. NFTRH maintains an effective contrarian view of the markets by using unique technical and sentiment tools in combination with an understanding of human psychology.

NFTRH manages the market’s major turning points whether they be bullish or bearish, without the baggage of bias or agenda and without the need to positively reinforce preconceived opinions.