A Typical NFTRH Subscriber?

Who is the typical Notes From the Rabbit Hole subscriber or client? Beats me… it is a diverse and eclectic group ranging from fund managers to financial advisers to accountants, psychologists and business professionals. There are also regular people like you and me; folks who would rather take a hard look at things and strive to be right, than to have their assumptions and bias reinforced each week.

I have noted these characteristics over the years:

  • An insistence on ‘on-point’ content, without the writer feeling the need to go too far off topic and muddle the message, which is 100% dedicated to successfully navigating the financial markets, ultimately.
  • A desire for as much data and/or opinion as is necessary to effectively make solid arguments and build scenarios that make sense. Subscribers have noted on several occasions that I make them work… and they like it that way! I strongly believe in showing my work (like we used do in school) rather than just issuing conclusions that come from work not subject to scrutiny.
  • A trust that NFTRH will tell them what they need to hear as opposed to what we may want to hear at any given time. Although it feels better for all involved when I am able to do both.
  • A spirit of questioning and a willingness to look around, take information offered in NFTRH and juxtapose it against other valid and rational views and make their own decisions. Ultimately, this is just one financial market management service with particular skill sets and may not be a be-all, end-all for a well-rounded investor’s needs (much though I’d like it to be).