Black lives matter.

So do all decent lives, black, white, red, yellow, brown and even purple. Decent peoples’ lives matter.

But I am not for a slogan.

When I first saw the signs several years ago on white suburban lawns I was like ‘yeah, no shit whitey’. But now I understand that there is much more to it than that. To be black in America is not like being white in America, historically or in the present day.

We humans carry potential for evil as well as good. Black, white, red, brown, yellow and purple.

We. Are. All. Humans. What is color?

But the lives of black humans matter and I have to state it in solidarity because when I saw Rayshard Brooks get shot after first cooperating and then resisting arrest and making some moves he should not have, I just knew that cop would not have shot a white guy in the back. He’d have let him run home and they’d pick him up later. There was less perceived value to the black guy. The cop probably wishes he’d thought more clearly in the moment, but the victim was black and in my opinion that played into it on an instinctive level and on a culturally ingrained level.

We live in a time where respect and dignity have taken a back seat, and positive things you see take a back seat. Things like the African American man saving a white man during a riot, others tackling and immobilizing a guy who was preparing to throw cement chunks at cops, cops who subordinate their own egos and take a knee, people who apologize for their heretofore insensitivity or ignorance and so much more good going on that the media cannot as readily harvest our eyeballs for, and so does not try.

And then there is the tone deaf, bible posing faker in the White House. He is a problem. The polarized hatred in this country is firming under his incessant Tweeting.