NFTRH+ Video: GDX Technical Status [open to public viewing]

The gold stock ETF is reviewed on daily and weekly charts from the perspective of the bullish and bearish near-term potentials, with a little fundamental discussion

The last video was inadvertently made public and since it only discussed the small Inverted H&S and did not include previous discussion we’d had about the potential bearish H&S, I want to make this update public, discussing both options, public as well. YouTube version here.



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  1. Michael B

    Hey Gary,
    I have not been able to (ever) get the audio to work on your narrative charts. If you have any suggestions, I’m all Ears. Thank you, sir.

    1. Gary

      Hi Michael, I have not heard that from anyone else. Is it possible that something on your system is not able to interact with WordPress video? It’s not YouTube but it is native to WP. Question: Are you by any chance logged into WP? It occurs to me that a subscriber used to have trouble commenting here and he had a WP account. Maybe someone else can chime in here if they’ve had the same issue or have a solution.

    2. Gary

      Hi Michael, I just uploaded it to YouTube (see link above). Try that (it may need a little more time for processing if it is not displaying in top quality yet).

  2. Anonymous

    Awesome !!

    1. Gary

      Thanks, Anony.

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