Remember those supply chain issues?

Post-pandemic supply chain disruptions are becoming a thing of the past

Check out the state of one of the drivers that exacerbated the inflation created by the Federal Reserve. As implied by our recent check-ups on the decelerating ISM and other manufacturing surveys, the Richmond manufacturing index shows that supply chain issues were so 2021. Here’s a compelling view from the always handy Daily Shot.

The Fed is fighting the last war and it is fighting that war because it know how it created its Frankenstein monster and it is going to make damn sure it kills it. Unfortunately, its only killing instrument is a blunt and brute force that will impair (at best) or croak the economy in 2023.

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  1. MikeC

    Personal observation, our company, which manufactures electronic products that use a lot of ICs, still have not seen critical IC leadtimes come down from 52+ weeks yet, and certainly are not currently in stock either at any reputable distributors.

    1. Gary

      Interesting, Mike. Thanks. IC/Semis are probably still a discrete issue, given the pervasiveness of these materials/devices in every industry. I wonder though if when the rope goes slack it’s going to just back up seemingly overnight?

      The old Semi industry was famous for literally grinding to a halt overnight as the whole supply chain let out a collective ‘ruh roh!’. I know from painful experience.

  2. MikeC

    I kind of get that sense that one day, boom, everything’s going to be in stock again. But not yet.

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