Rest in peace, Bro

[pinning this post through the weekend, as services for Chris are on Saturday]

Today is a day that I am letting things sink in. My brother in law Chris, who I best knew through music and the band we had, passed away last night.

I’ve been listening to the songs today, most for the first time in years. It’s freaking me out a little because those times are gone, they ain’t never comin’ back and I find myself wishing I’d done more with them.

The last time we played in front of people Chris had to put elastic bands on his fingers to hold them together to even be able to pluck the strings on his bass. This was after major surgery a few years ago. But that is how much he loved music and again, that is how I knew him best.

But that’s the way life is, I guess. I called two drummers this morning and don’t really know what else to do, other than be here for my wife. Posting will be light for the rest of the week.

These are what is left. Chris sings lead vocal and plays bass on all. He also wrote the vast majority of the music and all of the lyrics.

2 Birds


How Does it Feel

Law of Sword

Better Than That





Lil’ Splash


How Does it Feel (remix)