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It’s FOMC week. And who really cares?

The analysis does not really care. It lays out the status of the inflation trades and the precious metals. But also the status of what I think a lot of people ignore, which is the stock market and its varied sectors, driven by varied macro conditions.

The thing is to pick the right stocks within those conditions, assuming they are cyclical inflationary or Goldilocks. As for deflationary? That’ll probably come later along with bearish trading one day. For now though, Garth and Wayne like the seasonal aspect of this market that is now at higher sentiment risk than in September.

When I follow the macro effectively I tend to make money. When I ignore the macro or get whipsawed by it I tend to lose money. So duh, I follow the macro as best I can. You might want to consider that too.

A very helpful and on point NFTRH 679, out now.

nftrh 679

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