NFTRH 667 will be published online

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Per yesterday’s ‘admin update’ email NFTRH 667 will be published as a post most likely by noon, US ET today (I will be getting some much needed R&R this weekend). If you follow the site you may see the post show up in your reader or email but not actually be available when you click on it. That is because I accidentally published the incomplete version when I should have saved the draft. It’s now back to draft status.

With the jobs report coming out there is a potentially big knee jerk one way or the other coming and our indicators pre-jobs are in the same blender that market analysts are (all over the map with their employment estimates).

So #667 will use this event as the central theme, because what is going on in pre-market at this moment (signals constructive for both the inflation/reflation trades and the destruction of market liquidity) will likely be altered one way or the other after 8:30 as the machines go wild.