Meanwhile, the Inflationary Reflation Continues

Indicators of and markets sensitive to the reflation instigated by ongoing inflationary operations continue to trend upward

Today, as job growth rebounds (if you can call this a rebound), we check in on a few of the indicators and markets leading the inflationary charge. There are lots of others.

We had a halt just below 2% on the 30 year Treasury yield, as anticipated in NFTRH 637. This would bring on a little market disturbance, which it did. Weekly chart…

Now the resumption of the uptrend has ticked a new high. Daily chart…


Logically, the Copper price is attempting to hold serve and do as the yield above did; take a new up leg in the man-made inflationary operation.


And ES is ticking a new high.


The Copper/Gold ratio continues to say inflation ‘on’, reflation ‘on’.

copper gold ratio

The above are just a few markers indicating why you tune out what you think you know (e.g. velocity of funny munny, unsound debt-choked economy, etc.) and go by what you see. Since March of 2020 versions of the above are what we have seen and they have been manufactured by willful inflation.

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