I got a lotta problems with you people!… Happy Festivus

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    • You, Trump supports. He lost, and he’s a lunatic. Get over it.
    • You, Green New Dealers and far left ideologues… don’t even think about going overboard or you’ll automatically install a new Republican sycophant like Ted Cruz or worse, re-install Trump himself.
    • You Republican party, grow a set and get it together by 2024.
    • You, 2020. Go fuck yourself.
    • You in particular, COVID-19. See directly above.


    • You, perma-bears reinforcing peoples’ fear of the market every step of the way since March (or worse, jumping the Bitcoin train at this late date). You will be right one day and boy will you trumpet that; but you will not have understood the simple calculus of currency down, assets up in 2020. You will have cost millions dearly on the way to touting you were right all along.
    • You, perma-bulls. STFU and enjoy it while it lasts.
    • You, gold bugs. I have already said everything I have to say to you. But please, on the next strong rally you too, for once, STFU. I’d like to make it to the HUI 500 target some time this decade. Pretty please with golden fairy dust sprinkled on top?
    • Meanwhile, HAPPY FESTIVUS for the rest of us.


Festivus Airing of Grievances