It must be a Gold bull market, because…

It must be a gold bull market, because…

Certain suspects are coming out of the woodwork to scare the living crap out of gullible people. I’ll spare you the long version, but simply remind you that I know of what I speak when it comes to falling under the sway of cult leaders (even if it only felt like a cult, as opposed to actively seeking to be one). I was psychologically leveraged into guns, ammo, sustainable gardening, wood stoves, a generator, long-term food reserves and of course, gold circa 2002-2005. These were not bad things, but they were the products of emotion over reason.

And by the way, the stock market was supposed to crash but voila, it never did. In and around 2004 I re-did my whole view of things by realizing that prices were bullish and prices have nothing to do with whether things are bad or not in society. I then exited the ‘cult’. Inflation, created at will by monetary and fiscal policy, is a magical thing until it inevitably liquidates. But you can go for years on end tilting at that windmill. That is no way to live.

While I am not going to link it here since it is regrettably written by the ‘competition’, there is a massive article out at the gold websites by a long-term usual suspect who is a man who stares at charts…

…and all too often lets what’s on his tin foil hat wearing mind get in the way of the rudimentary technical analysis.

I just skimmed the  article because if I committed much time to it I’d have wasted a massive amount of brain capacity. Instead, I have a job to do and unlike the writer I perceive my job as to get the markets right in NFTRH and secondarily stick to that program here in public (with a little humor, opinion and muck raking thrown in for good measure).

That’s the problem with this kind of end of the world crap. True or not (new world order elites plotting at this very moment to – subjugate at best or kill at worst – us all amid a concocted virus hoax and master plan of world takeover) it takes us away from our job, which is to make money in the markets or at certain times, to preserve our money when the markets try to take it away.

I mean, I am not trying to tell you to be a financial market participant. Frankly, there are less stressful ways to go about life. But insofar as you choose to manage the markets please I beg of you, try to keep the emotional stuff out of it or at least tuned down so as not to be adversely affected by it.

Market management is my job, and I love it. What I don’t love are these great seers of things mere mortals can’t see writing as if they know what is happening in the wide world and see it as their duty to report the grisly details to the gullible masses. The surest way to notoriety? Promote emotional response! To boot, for a hefty fee you can get the premium version of this analysis.

By the way Mr. Article Writer, how is that stock market crash working out so far in 2020? It’s working out to the degree that scores of people – and not just his readers, there are plenty of ghost story tellers to go around – are sitting on the sidelines damning the stock bubble all to hell because they were supposed to be the smart ones! They were supposed to be holier than all the thous out there riding a ship of fools right into the iceberg known as financial and social Armageddon. All of this in the wake of the COVID crash, which in hindsight was a bear trap setup.

So they are secure in their Unabomber shacks with guns, ammo and gold…

unabomber shack
Unabomber’s shack

…as the Fed and the government devalue the currency toward the goal of becoming a Banana Republic, rising asset prices and all. Ask the ghost of von Mises about that.

You know, as part of the various intros to NFTRH you will see under the NFTRH Premium menu above, this is noted:

“Please leave aside any effects of previous ideological associations you may have had with others. If you are married to a particular point of view, no questions asked, you may become frustrated with the NFTRH modus operandi.”

I was thinking of actual subscribers who reported they had previously suffered at the hands of ‘Mr. Gold’, James Sinclair and others of his ilk when I wrote the above. I am sure ole’ Jim is still out there along with countless others getting hysterical about the “great reset” and of course there is Armstrong’s computer, instigating whole herds of otherwise rational people into fear of a terrible future.

Right? Wrong? Lunatics or brave geniuses? None of it matters because if you are dealing in the financial markets the job is to get those markets right. I understand that Armstrong has his slingshot thing whereby total loss of faith in government is met with a repudiation of Treasury bonds (and a slingshot in stocks) and well, look at the market. So way to go Marty. But he is also slinging scary shit about the liberal and global elites and the evil schemes they are running. Mr. Article Writer noted above simply takes that ball and runs with it along with the rest of us, right into the gates of the extermination camps.

Take the emotion out of it and manage the markets. Either that or take a rental on the Unabomber’s vacated shack, throw out your trading devices and load up on ammo. But whatever you do, keep that stuff out of the markets. It’s not healthy.