“And they want to throw God’s wonderful breathing system out the door”

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Okay my global friends, we are not all dumb as a stump here in America. We just play the role on TeeVee along with our reality star president. Some of us however, take the role really really seriously.

As COVID-19 cases perhaps moderate nicely in your country because you took orders from your oppressive government, we here in America believe in freedom. See, these Americans are standing up for the freedom of their fellow Americans.

They represent political action at its finest. Vote Trump 2020!!

The ding dong pictured below stands up for “the freedom of choice!” and yeah, she’s got the freedom to choose to follow the idiot president, not wear a mask and infect anyone in reach of her foul breath.

Hmmm, wonder whose states are experiencing the upticks responsible for this… thanks guys.


You mouth breathers have your rights. I will forego my right to not have to inconvenience myself a couple times a day for the sake of other people. I don’t know how I’ll get through the adversity but somehow I will survive it I think.