Sometimes You Nail it and Sometimes You don’t

I’ve nailed a few of them lately. Today it’s DVAX, which has been a perpetual watch list item since taking a good profit on it in late 2019. Per the Trade Log:

5.28.20: I think the casino patrons that bought DVAX on the COVID vaccine hype have been punished enough as the stock pulls all the way back to the just now up-turning SMA 200 and fills that gap. DVAX is and has been about commercialization success (still a work in progress) of its Hepatitis vaccine, not some COVID-19 lottery ticket. Added it.


Of course we shall not speak of ZS, which is a stock I’ve traded and done well with for months now because it is in the right niche and it is a company that is performing. Unfortunately, it’s stock is performing now without me even though it’s the only item on my watch list that is circled, which means it was a priority. I just did not get around to it in time and now I can’t get around to it. Ah, the market.


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