Wire on KEXP [w/ edit]

[edit] If you’ve never heard of Wire you still have probably heard Colin Newman. Recognize the voice from the pit scene in The Silence of the Lambs? Jonathan Demme had a great ear for the right music for his films.

I first heard 154, which was arty and painted really cool sonic pictures. I then went back to the first album, Pink Flag, to this day one of my 5 or 7 favorites of all time. Then I filled in the middle with Chairs Missing, which was the missing link between punk and art.

I saw Wire once years later. They had a young band from New jersey called the Ex-Lion Tamers (named after a fucking great tune on Pink Flag) open for them, playing that album’s breakneck list of 1.5 minute songs (est. on average) one after the other while they, Wire, played whatever more artful stuff they were doing at the time I saw them. It was a great idea. They had progressed beyond the kids they were when they did Pink Flag. So it was honest. Let the kids handle the aggression.

I was happy to find them still doing their thing.