IKN is Back and Better Than Ever

Due entirely to the man I am currently on a 33% paper profit in New Gold (NGD) and NFTRH subscribers had an opportunity to also position ahead of the rebound in the bombed out stock price if they wished. NGD got croaked on earnings but when Mark called it a “turnaround for 2020” I took note because he’s also the same guy who was appropriately calling New Gold a pile of cow turd (my words, I forget what he actually called it) when needed.

So he gets to have a little fun at the expense of the mainstream “anal ysts” falling all over themselves to downgrade NGD at the exact wrong time.

Then I scrolled down IKN a little further and found another nugget that caught my attention as he caught on to the latest clown show that Jim “Mr. Gold” (ha ha ha) Sinclair ran recently. If you’ve read me over the years and especially in the last bull market you already know what I think of this “sad mess of a man” in Mark’s words.

But most of us need not worry about ole’ Jimmy these days. According to Mark…

“Jim Sinclair used to run all that CIGA moral high ground shtick on us about gold. Now that he’s reduced to scamming the naive by selling them paper in his African junior miner, that high ground has all gone away.”

Like I said, the guy’s been on fire lately. The Inca Kola News blog is definitely benefiting from its owner’s self-imposed exile from Twitter.

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