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Today I’ve received a couple of inquiries about NFTRH. Each asking about options for evaluation of the service to see if it fits their needs. And so, occasionally being quick on the uptake I got the idea to once again offer a free trial for a month of service, with no strings attached. I do this maybe once a year.

Subscribe via PayPal and then when you absolutely fall in love with the service (or at least come to depend on its no b/s, effective ongoing market management) simply do nothing and continue to receive the service for $35 a month for as long as you wish. Should you not wish to continue beyond the trial period (I understand some people just want stock picks, some want pure chart-based trading strategy and unfortunately, still others want dogma to reinforce their perceptions) simply cancel at any time and that’ll be that. No strings whatsoever.

Click the button to get your free month of Notes From the Rabbit Hole and then pay $35/mo. for as long as you choose to keep the subscription.

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Trial offer is now closed (2.19.20). Thank you to all who decided to give NFTRH a whirl!

Service includes, but is not limited to…

  • A weekly report of between 50 and 70 pages covering US and global stock markets, commodities, precious metals, indicators, sentiment profiles and a multitude of stock charts (gold/silver stocks and broad market stocks) each week.
  • In-week updates on markets and sectors, especially when I feel critical junctures are at hand.
  • Occasional trade setups in-week, although these are covered in each weekend report as well.
  • A log of trades that I make during the week.
  • An open door policy. Customer service is Thing 1 and I am always available to answer questions or address concerns of any kind by my customers.

Service will be delivered to the email associated with your PayPal account unless you specify otherwise.