Whither 5G?

It’s all the hype, all the rage in Tech. At least next after the Cloud.

Here’s part of the release from Xilinx (XLNX), a stock that I’ve held for months, first at a paper loss, then a very acceptable paper profit (which I failed to take), and now at a fairly small (2.9%) paper loss.


I usually conjure my inner Edwin Lefèvre (Reminiscences of a Stock Operator) and sell crap outs like this and move on. I may do that here, but first I want to read a little more and evaluate. As just one portfolio member it’s not inflicting much damage overall.

Of more importance is the question about whether 5G has some of that old Wall Street hype stink (e.g. 3D Printing, INGN as a great Medical Device company, etc. that we’ve debunked in the past) on it. Who’s next, Cloud software? Cloud Security? AI? Anyone? Beuller?

The post’s featured image above has all the right buzz words: 5G WirelessIoTCloud Computing… it’s a little concerning, dear momo Tech bulls.

Anyway, here’s the pictorial of the XLNX crap out…


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