Did He Really? [w edits]

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[edit] And typical of these infernal political debates, confusion and multiple perspectives abound. A reader (and subscriber) mentions someone named Ilhan Omar and my naivete about her. I don’t even know who that is, as I am the first to admit I tune most of this stuff out. But I did put out a couple of semi-derogatory comments about AOC unfortunately just before the president’s diatribe here. I wanted to distance myself from him. That was my intent, not to get sucked down the toilet bowl called American politics. So, back to my regularly scheduled programming with yet another reason to stay the hell away from this morass. People suggest I do so all the time, but it appears I am a slow learner. But learn I eventually do. Funnily enough, I still remember the subscriber I lost in a huff after I made what I thought was a funny post about Sara Palin years ago. 

[edit 2], because after all, once you get caught in a political morass you never climb out. The thing that got me about Trump’s tweets was the word “Congresswomen”. That’s what triggered my post. I had disparaged (IMO somewhat humorous as it was) a congresswoman and against this guy’s subsequent diatribes that could not stand without adding a note. I can disagree with plenty of women. The aforementioned Palin, Nancy Pelosi and many more based on their ideas and actions. But I disagree with those people, not those women. Why on earth did Trump mention “Congresswomen”? It just seems like the kind of bullying (and race baiting) that his country does not need.

Yeah, he did.

The clown is muck raking to stir emotions, political style. I know that. But in the last week I’ve derogatorily referred to AOC thusly “Apparently Trump and that foremost economic thinker AOC are in agreement” (about the Fed) and as a political loudmouth in general and I wish to retract these statements and/or associations with Trump. Not because I agree with this young woman, about whom I know not a lot, but what I know makes me think she is naive and self-serving. But because the real vile things are coming from the man that we elected fairly and squarely (if you back out the Russia interference thing) as the president of these United States.

“The most powerful nation on earth” Trump calls us. This POS is stimulating the most knuckle dragging elements of his base and people have to speak up about it. So no matter what I may think about naive socialist fantasies, that is subordinate to getting this dangerous lunatic out of office.

It’s another post that may alienate you. If it does, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.