The Fed Decides!

No, the 2 year yield decided.

There is a guy blabbing on and on about “why do we have such a dovish Fed?” with such a good economy. These guys in bow ties always seem to be the most annoying; and this one just won’t stop it. I had to turn him off in order to finish this post. Jesus, he was drilling holes in my ears.

Hit the graphic if you want, for a link to the post-FOMC (pre-Powell PC) jibber jabber.

The 2 year yield has been declining. The bond market has decided that a deceleration of some combination of inflation and economic activity is ahead and the Fed has paused. It’s not rocket science.

Powell will be speaking shortly and can be accessed through the graphic link above. Maybe he will illuminate and make this story that is much simpler than the media make it out to be, clearer.

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