America Inches Closer to Being One Big, Dumb TV Show

We are the land of Disney, creepy and often seedy reality TV and botoxed, butt implanted, carpet-walking 2-bit celebrities of all kinds. We are a cartoon… with guns.

We elected for president a man who started with Daddy’s $1 million and used debt and the system to rise to prominence… ultimately landing a spot on an entirely stupid reality TeeVee show.

Now the TV Star-in-Chief is seriously considering another of his kind, the cartoon character known as Larry Kudlow to replace Gary Cohn as economic adviser. Yeah, this is gonna end well.

I have not made fun of ole’ Larry in years because a) I don’t watch whatever TV channel he may be on and b) I did not even know he was still around. But then again, Trump is all about taking things backwards, right? So Larry would be perfect for the job! We’ll be known as America: A Reality Cartoon.

You know the drill, clicking the headline gets you the article at Bloomberg.

I remember Larry as one of the most biased, bull headed and so often wrong people I’ve ever witnessed trying to get taken seriously in economics. But again, I guess he’s perfect for the mug in the top picture above. This is just another step backwards into caricature for the good ole’ US of A.

I mean seriously, things needed to change so I can understand why an insurgent got into the White House; but this is just plain dopey. Insurgency, change and even revolution do not mean retardation. They mean insurgency, change and revolution.