Is He Losing His Mind or Just Employing Sleight of Hand?

When the Dow goes down over 2,700 points in a week he (finally) tweets thusly…

trump tweet

And then starts looking to the heavens, summoning God repeatedly…

Because at times like this where else are frightened people, like say, those suddenly in fear of losing everything, going to turn? Trump will point them in the right direction, even if he pointed them in the wrong direction (all-in on the stock market) previously.

Oh and a little focus on the military industrial complex never hurts (because after all, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics need ever growing revenue expansion in the form of government contracts). We can wipe out the world how many times over?

God and Guns, isn’t that how the story goes? I don’t love our military (complex). I actually hate it. Long before this jingoistic cartoon showed up I had long held deep respect for those who have served, like my father and very heroically, my wife’s Grampy. But Raytheon? Go fuck yourself. I’ve dealt with them and that company is vermin.

Hey stock pumper, enough with the diversions. Get out there and cheer lead directly at the stock market. The faithful need you now more than ever (because after all, this market correction is a process of cleaning out the brand spanking new players who think America is great again and put their money where your mouth is was).

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