Stock Tout in Chief Finally Tweets

From the man who leveraged his empire with (sometimes defaulted upon) debt, a yearning for the good old days when men were men, they could screw each other over with abandon and then be sporting about it over Old Fashioneds at the Ritz-Carlton.

You see, back then when good news was reported the stock market would go up. Today when good news is reported the stock market goes down. It’s a big mistake because I, Donald Trump, said so. All this great news about the economy and yet the stock market went down! Forget the fact that candidate Trump called the market a bubble and any rise in interest rates would pop the bubble.

trump tweet

Now it’s no longer a fake stock market, so how the fuck can it go down? You can almost see Trump, the one-way, let the chips fall where they may and then get bailed out real estate developer at work here.

He wooed the evil spirits with all those market pumping tweets that the most unsophisticated in his base lapped up. They bought, were served with a hard crack and now the question is whether or not there is a round 2 in store in the short-term.

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