Trump: It’s the Art of the Deal

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I know, I should continue to avoid political stuff in favor of unbiased market management. But I can divide my mind. On the one hand the president of the United States appears to be a dangerous clown and an affront to thinking people everywhere. On the other hand things are bullish and he gets to tout and self-aggrandize as long as that is the case. So, as a market manager I have to swallow Thing 1 and continue to realize the reality of Thing 2. It’s just the way it is.

So preamble aside, you know my views on the president. You also know my views on the market. Now if I may, I’d like to get on with a little discussion about this Trump phenomenon and how it is going to be looked back upon by history as the worst blight on the USA in modern, if not all of its history. With a relatively small sample size, that ain’t hyperbole (slavery, segregation and native American genocide excepted). This thing has the potential to be the accelerant that blows the whole thing up.

Witness Trump continuing to pump the stock market like some 2 bit day trader while his base, including an unemployed nanny scraping up $78 to send to his “cause” are still apparently true believers. Witness the base shelling out $45 a pop for these jingoistic Make America Great Again Christmas hats.


‘How’s Your 401(k)?!’ Trump Accidentally Taunts Low Income Americans With New Slogan

Witness the mega rich getting exponentially richer, the rich merely getting very much richer and the middle and lower classes getting it up the ass.

That ‘s the art of the deal!

I mean, you somehow convince the very people you are going to double dip screw over that you are on their side, and astoundingly keep them on your side, while in the light of day you promote policies that are going to further the great divide between them and their masters; and let’s be real folks, in this society the rich are masters and the poor and modest are the tools. In this case, the tools to elect the greatest benefactor of his own kind, the incredibly wealthy asset owner class.

I mean, was the middle/lower class driven absolutely insane by its hatred of the socialist left? Did Trump see this and seize the opportunity to make a deal with them (and the devil)? The deal of a lifetime? His greatest ever deal in a lifetime filled with them (shady and otherwise).

Corporations will see massive tax cuts. This with the market for their equity already long-since at all time highs. The wealthy, poor burdened souls that they are (as benefited by Fed policy under the socialist left… you see how flat out screwed up this whole thing is, right? It’s not just Trump…) will get massive tax cuts. The middle and lower classes will get some temporary relief (you see, in the art of the deal, you have got to give ’em the bait) with other ‘special’ benefit items canceled while the national debt sky rockets, the wealth fails to “trickle down” and one day “the base” finally has it dawn on them that they’ve been had.

And boy are they gonna be pissed.

The art of the deal.