Silver-Gold Ratio on a Signal

I read a lot of crap out there where some guru will put cute tidbits in his writing like 'my subscribers were the first to know about blah blah blah…

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NFTRH; Silver-Gold Ratio

Folks, it may be the simplest update I’ve ever sent.  The Silver-Gold ratio is one of our gauges of a would-be inflationary environment to come (beneficial to commodities and other assets as noted so often previously).  Today the Silver-Gold ratio is making another move in the positive direction, with a big spike in relative volume by SLV/GLD.


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NFTRH; US Index Bounce Progress

Here are the updated charts from this morning’s update.  SPX and Dow are at resistance, NDX is at its first resistance level and SOX is approaching the 670 area, which was identified as its key resistance.

SPX and Dow nudged above yesterday’s highs and could open the door to further bouncing, but even if they get through resistance – as SOX potentially bounces to 670’s – the 50 day averages would represent more resistance.  It was a good day for the bulls, short covering or not.  But the bears took the ball away from the bulls on Monday and they still have it for now.


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Is Inflation Dead?

Answer (as given by TIP/TLT):  Yes, the Fed stands down; a world full of casino patrons gets hysterical about the impending deflationary collapse! Answer (as given the by the Silver-Gold…

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NFTRH; Gold Stocks, Daily Charts

Daily technicals with no cluttering fundamental or sentiment commentary.

HUI hit resistance above 240 in the form of the neckline to a pattern that could actually prove bullish.  I have been thinking at least the first gap may fill but so far, it’s not happening.  The pattern, which some would call an Inverted H&S (bullish reversal) is actually a consolidation of some kind with a bullish look to it.  If it were to play out that way it measures to around 275.


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US Indexes, Big Picture

In an earlier subscriber update, we looked at the key bounce parameters for SPX, Dow, NDX and SOX using daily charts.  In a public post a few weeks ago we…

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NFTRH; US Index Bounce Parameters

Since the market is up handily in ‘pre’, I wanted to get you a look at what it would take to negate the technical damage of the last 2 days, with very simple daily charts of the headline US indexes (plus the SOX).  This can be applied generally, to any index or stock for that matter.  As of now in pre-market, these items are still well below key resistance levels.


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SPX Daily Chart

You cannot call yourself a bull if SPX declines to 1925 and you are not buying there.  Me?  I am not a bull, but I am someone who, if the…

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Inflation is Brewing…

As if I have not pounded the table on the theme enough already, I'll highlight Brad Zigler, who is on the same theme... Inflation's Been a Dud He echoes my…

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These Two Things Are Blowing Off

TLT (long-term T bonds) and TIP-TLT ('inflation expectations gauge) are blowing off.  One to the up, the other to the down.  When the blow out comes the reversals in the…

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SPY Short Covered

I just covered my largest position, which was a short on SPY held (and increased last week) for several months.  This joins leveraged index shorts that were covered on Friday. …

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Please pardon yet another Brexit article, which served as the opening segment to this week's Notes From the Rabbit Hole report, NFTRH 401.  From here on we focus on the…

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NFTRH 401 Out Now

Actually, it went out several hours ago but I'm just getting to the promo now. Sentiment is setting up for stocks and against safe havens, which means on a contrarian…

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