NFTRH Interim Update 2.11.13, More Parameters on HUI

Well, bull flag it was I think (on anti-miner DUST).

I got rid of the DUST position but also dumped a couple more miner positions.  But the thing is, when you see things like Keegan and Pretium get harpooned for no apparent reason, you start to think about value.  That is what I am thinking about now.  Value in quality assets and value in real money, i.e. precious metals – or at least gold.  I am not really a silver bug remember.  ;-)

HUI daily chart

As to the general senior gold stock market, here is HUI still above the July and May lows.  All we can say right now is that HUI got knocked back down toward important support and that important resistance remains 420.  Support, despite the indignity of G7/G20 week, is still intact.

I have not called bottoms and will not call bottoms unless they hit me over the head.  But value is value and it is coming into play in my opinion.  Watch to see what Huey does at support if you too are interested in the gold stock sector.

Just providing some visual context for your reference.

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