NFTRH Interim Update 12.28.12 (Precious Metals Risk v. Reward)

First we had the updated Hulbert Gold Newsletter Writer Sentiment Index getting contrarian bullish:  Good News Goldbugs


And then we had further improvement in the gold and silver CoT data, just released.

cot au


Despite the nominal technicals on the metals, which say they can decline a little lower (Au 1620’s and Ag 27-28), we are now on a contrarian bullish play when the above sentiment and CoT data are combined with a still-constructive HUI-Gold Ratio.

NFTRH is now bullish on a risk vs. reward basis, which does not mean I am not expecting lower prices in the short-term but rather, that the upside potential now greatly outweighs the downside potential in my opinion.

This applies to both metals and the highest quality mining and royalty stocks.

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